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Bundled RE and different mfgr. external USB drives


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Bought two external USB disk drives - both came bundled with different versions of Retrospect Express.


Maxtor drive (bought last year) came with RE v5.6

Western Digital drive bought this week came with RE v6.5


I currently have the older v5.6 installed on my machine.


Both drives have 'front botton' one-touch features to intiate backups.


I want to use both drives in order to be able to use each drive on alternating days to rotate them for off-site backup (take it home each night an bring the other into the office the next morning).



If I uninstall v5.6, then install the newer v6.5 - will it work correctly with the one-touch backup features of both the Maxtor & WD drives? If so, what, if any customizations may be required in the software to make the Maxtor one-touch work with the RE version that came with the WD drive?



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Before uninstalling anything, why don't you make a phone call to Maxtor support (not EMC/Dantz). They know their product best and how they integrated software into it.


I would believe that you could upgrade the v 5.6 to the latest 6.5 Express and have the best of everything.


Anyway, why don't you just use the scheduling function to automate the alternate backup schedule you wish?


Post your ultimate resolution so others can view and benefit.

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