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Retrospect Occassionally Hangs


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Hi Folks -


I'm using Dantz Retrospect Expree version 6.0.222 that came with my Maxtor One Touch backup drive to make daily overnight backups from to that drive.


It runs flawlessly almost every night, but maybe once a month, I wake up to find the program was hung (see screen shot)


<screen shot will not reproduce on this forum posting form, but I could send it via email>



The hang does not occur at the same point every time. Here it happened while comparing Drive E, it could happen instead on Drive G or Drive D, or really anywhere.


At this point, I can't close down from inside of Retrospect, but must actually close the program using the task manager.


Like I said, this happens maybe one out of 25 times, the rest of the time the software works perfectly.


Any idea what could be wrong, or how to troubleshoot this?


-- Bill

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I have the same problem with my new Western Digital Media Center 160 gb drive. It seems to back up my c: drive, then compare it, then go to the e: drive. But hours later it is still stuck on the e: drive and nothing seems to be moving.


I'm trying to do "recycled" backups until I get a good set and so far I have not been successful.


I'm using WinXP and both FireWire and USB ports simultaneously as recommended in my RE 6.5 instructions. I repartitioned the drive to NTFS which does not seem to have made any difference. I've also downloaded the new Version 7.0 of RE but have not yet installed it. I wonder if that will give any different results with the freezing of my system while backing up my e: drive.


My next step may be to tell it to back up e: first, then c:. Perhaps the order is key. My c: drive is only about 10gb, while the e: drive has all my MP3s and is about 50gb in size. Both should fit with no trouble on the 160gb WD drive, I would think.


Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.



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it is not possible to stop the backup. you have to reboot the computer. after the reboot retrospect shows a dialog saying that the last backup could not be completed because of a system hang or power failure (neither one is the case), but does not offer an option to repeat it.




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