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I'm having a strange problem with Retrospect Desktop 5.1.175. Sometimes it will get stuck during a backup. The progress bar stops moving and nothing further gets backed up. The application is still responsive: I can pause and resume the backup (although this doesn't unstick it), but if I click "Stop" and then confirm that I really want to stop, the app completely freezes. I can't even move its windows around. At that point I have to force quit.


I've tried leaving it alone for hours at a time, but nothing happens.


This has happened both with an internal Panasonic UJ825S with a custom driver and an external (Firewire) Pioneer 106, which is natively supported by Retrospect. (Both with high quality DVD-RW media.)


The freeze is not reproducible. It just happens every once in a while. Sometimes I back up as little as a 20 MB, and sometimes 10GB or more before it happens. The files that it gets stuck on seem unremarkable (and back up just fine on a second go-around.)


I can't figure out why. Does anyone have any ideas?

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