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Client Backup fails with reboot


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Help! Retrospect noob here.


I am trying to backup a one PC to another. Server machine is Win XP Pro SP2, 1G ram, backing up to SCSI DLT4. Client machine is Win XP Pro SP1. Power management is off. Screen savers are off. When I start a backup across the network, it runs for about 10-15 minutes (time is NOT consistent), and then the server machine spontaneously reboots. When it comes back there is a mesage window that says the backup failed due to machine failure.


Huh? I backed up the server machine to this tape. Installed the correct version client. Had some communication issues until I turned off Anti-virus and firewall software. Now it runs until it dies.


Any ideas why?




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Sounds like a driver or hardware issue to me.

Make sure the windows drivers for your tape drive are disabled in Device manager. Retrospect has its own drivers, the Windows drivers just get in the way.


Make sure you have the latest chipset drivers and bios for your motherboard.



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