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how long do restores usually take?

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Hi all. I've posted here before but under a different name. I'm back because i've run into a problem that's really baking my noodle.


I came into work today to find that one of my users has a drive that's corrupted (blueberry iMac) and Disc Tools doesn't fix it (surprise!). So, i'm restoring his data to another users machine (a G5). I went to Retrospect, specified the files (3.4 Gigs) and selected the target drive (the G5). I've inserted the first tape of the set and more than an hour later, only 101 files have been restored (3,417k out of 3.4 gigs).


I've been a backup administrator for a bit. I used to work with DLT IV's, which, being tapes meant that they weren't terribly fast, but at least they would do more than 3.5 megs out of 3.4 gigs in the span of an hour and a half.


Soooo.... i'm writing today to ask if this scenario is about what i can expect or if it feels sluggish to the rest of you. If the latter, does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do to speed things up?


My appreciation in advance.


thank you,

shelly tumbleson | network admin, web monkey

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Sounds extremely sluggish to me. I just had to restore a 220 Gig iTunes library from tapes, and at that speed it would have taken me weeks. At the speed I was getting, it took me pretty much a full day.


I'm sorry I can't help more by suggesting what you should do, but I just wanted to assure you its not normal. Did you try DiskWarrior on the damaged drive? I know its fixed just about every drive I've ever used it on.

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