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Renaming Backup Folders with Retrospect Express HD


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I wonder can anyone offer advice or help?


I have just purchased a Maxtor external hard drive with Retrospect Express HD ( I have a Dell PC running Windows XP)


Having made a Duplicate of a lot of files (and having deleted them from my C drive - not very smart!) I renamed the back up folders on the external hard drive (F)


I rebooted the PC


I find now that I cannot access the backup data at all; in fact I cannot access the F drive at all


I read in the Documentation for Retrospect Express HD that one should not rename the Backup Folder as then you will not be able to access the backup data - but no solution is offered if one has already renamed.


Can anyone offer assistance (my whole music collection is on that F drive)?


Thanks in advance




Many Thanks



John Connolly

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