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Problems spanning multiple DVDs


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I have a supported DVD drive, its a Plextor...forget the model but it's on the 'supported' list.

I'm using MultiServer 6.5 on XP pro. I tried to write a set of DVDs by using the 'Transfer Backup Set' option. I selected my source set, and defined my destination set to be on the DVD drive. The first disc burnt with no errors, but when it was full and retrospect asked for the next disc i got error -206 dirty heads, bad media, etc. I tried like 6 different dvd's (all new) and couldn't get past the error. The DVD drive is brand new, and i've havent had any problems burning discs with Nero or Roxio...


Help please?

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Please provide the model number and firmware revision of the drive as listed in configure->devices->environment in Retrospect. Also tell us the name brand, speed and type of media you are using.


FWIW Retrospect has to do a lot of things that Roxio and Nero can't. As a result you are more likely to see incompatibilites with certain media types.




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