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Retrospect 6.5 Driver ("RDU"


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Due to some conflicts with a couple of recently installed programs, I found it necessary to uninstall and reinstall Retrospect 6.5, which was accomplished without difficulty.


While the reinstalled program runs basically OK, I found the following two questions/problems:


1)Retrospect will no longer "Back up open files", showing error #1017 - "insufficient permissions".


I use a stand-alone computer and am the sole user.


2)In looking at the individual files in the reinstalled Retrospect, I note there is NO "RDU.RPX" driver file, although the program does run more-or less normally, in both backing up and restoring.


Does Retrospect require the "RDU" file to run properly??


Previously I always installed and used any upgraded "RDU" drivers offered for downloading by Dantz.



Thanks for any help that anybody can offer.



James H. Turnbull


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RDUs include new device support as well as patches and fixes. Its always a good idea to apply driver udpates when they are available.


Make sure to install Retrospect 6.5.350 from the Dantz website. This includes and RDU as well as many updates to the base application.


Do your system logs show any errors related to the volume shadow copy service? Failure of the shadow copy service often will cause the 1017 errors with open file.



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