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error code -1020, sharing violation


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I am acting as an administrator while another is away on leave. Last night our

backups did occur, but we got errors on the following two files:


...\All User\Applications\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr[01].dat


error code -1020 (sharing violation)


These files are not new, they have been on the hard drive for months, and to my

knowledge, we've never encountered this error before.


Has anyone seen this and know how to correct it?




Dawn Schepleng

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First thing, are you on a PC or MAC? We were gettin gthis error on our Mac for a while. It ended up being a weird permissions proble. To cure it, I just opened up the file in question (get info) and set the permissions how I wanted them, then clicked the "apply to enclosed". I'm not sure why this happens, but this will fix it.



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