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Continue on error & Catalog auto repair


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Standard ("longterm" e.g. greater than a week) unattended Retro operation--watch your back...


Using RMS 6.5.350, RDU on an XP SP1 system, I found today when I got to work that Retro hadn't run any backups since 12/30 (now 1/3). A dialog box, waiting for an "OK" click, was telling me that a catalog in a backup set had a problem and this was reflected in the log.


Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set "This_Backup".

To repair it, use Tools>Repair Catalog>Update existing Catalog File.


Other backup scripts were Waiting and not running even though this RMS was set up with multiple execution units.


1) Don't have Retro corrupt catalogs...


2) *If* catalogs have a problem, have the "Tools>Repair Catalog>Update/Fix" functions actually acknowledge the problem. In this case, the Tools function told me that the catalog appeared to be OK so I had to tell it to fix it away.


3) <Insert standard "feature request" #1> => Continue on error. No dialog box should prevent Retro from running other backups.


4) <Insert standard "feature request" #2> => Auto repair of corrupted catalogs or backup sets [but see #1]

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