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Recovering Space Inside a Backup Set


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I use Windows XP Pro, a Maxtor external drive, and Retrospect 6. I have been running automated daily progressive backups for a few months. Today, I ran a full backup, and created a boot CD. I would like to delete the older backups, freeing up room on my Maxtor drive. Am I allowed to simply delete files within my backup set that have a date prior to today's date, or do I run the risk of damaging the backup set? I only use a single backup set for everything.





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Greetings Herbert:


A "recycle" backup will work very well. All the old files are purged and your left with a new full back-up. There might be some issues if using "backup to file" verses "backup to disk", but am not sure on that one. I use "backup to disk" and select to perform a "Recycle" backup to purge all the old backup files when my two hard drives are full. I have three drives, an 80 gig and two 18 gigs. I use the two 18 gig drives to span my backup's across both. Works great! I backup daily.


When I do a Recycle backup, both drives are purged of old backup data and a new full backup is left on the fist member.


I consider the original full backup as a concrete image and all the subsequent progressive backups are restore points, 100% accurate to that point in time. I don't see a reason to dump the original full backup unless so much of the current data has changed as to cause a progressive backup to be nearly as large as the original full backup!! Every progressive backup is complete unto itself. It does not need the previous progressive backups to restore to that particular point... Just the original full backup and A particular restore point! Ci? (I await my correction) if needed...


That said, when I do a recycle backup, I LOOSE ALL my previous restore points! If I had 8 months worth, the moment I perform the recycle, I have zero history! I suspect the hidden question in your post may be: If I have 10 gazillion progressive backup points and my disks are nearly full, why can't I just "forget" say half of the snapshots and associated data files leaving half of my drive space free for new, more current restore points?? The original full backup stays intact. This scenario would be nice!! I maintain x months of history and my drives are sized to my history requirements... Backup heaven cool.gif


BUT CAN THIS BE DONE? shocked.gif Has it been tried? ooo.gif


Has this question been asked 1000 times before crazy.gif

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Ok... frown.gif




So I currently use a backup set called "Disk". There's 15 gig of main backup and dozens of daily restore points using a total of 16 Gig.......




If I create a new backup set and call it "Whatever", and select the same locations to backup from as I did with the original "Disk" backup set, and specify the same two members to span to, will backup set "Whatever" create a new full backup and subsequent daily backups to the available space on the disks I selected as members?(same disks as those on backup set "Disk") If so, can either of these two sets be entirely deleted without impacting the other? ooo.gif




By the way Natew; Has anyone thanked you lately for the great help you give to us all?




THANK YOU! appl.gif

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All the thanks goes to _you_ for buying and using Retrospect smile.gif


Backup sets are totally independent entities. They do not rely on each other in any way. When Retrospect runs a backup it checks what data is in the specified backup set against what is on the source disk. It then decides what to backup accordingly. Retrospect does not cross reference other backup sets when making these decisions.


In other words. You can have two backup sets on the same drive and backup to them alternately. Deleting or recycling one of the sets will not affect the data that is on the other one.


(The only exception to this rule is when you are backing up Exchange and SQL but this is not possible in Retrospect Professional)



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