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Backup operators on Windows Server 2003, Retrospect Backup 6.5.350


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I want to enable a backup operator to monitor backups. I installed Retrospect Backup 6.5.350 on a server using an administrator account, but I have not been able to configure a special backup user account, such that a non-administrator can monitor backups successfully.


The backup user account I have created is a member of the Backup Operators group, the Server Operators group, and I also gave rights to Load and Unload Drivers, and act as part of the OS. The backups run under an administrator account rather than the system account, as I need to backup exchange and send notifications.


I have granted, to this user account, full rights to the Dantz program folder, and also to the My Documents subfolder within the administrators profile which contains files which had been placed there during the install and subsequent testing.


The problems include the following:

Backup operator cannot see devices (SCSI scan fails)

Backup operator is told that Launcher Service is not working on exiting from console.


I temporarily made the backup operator an administrator and everything works then.


Can anyone help?



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