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Application Errors on both Window NT Clients


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Hi, I am backing up two NT 6.0 SP6 machines over network. Its been working fine for last 2 years, but recently I keep getting NT Application Errors on both the machines. Both client machines show the same error. The error message in Dr Watsons says: "Exception HardCoded Breakpoint". So it sounds like a bug in the software. Have tried rebooting all machines and stopping / starting the Retrospect Client service, thinking that would clear it, but no joy. frown.gif Am using Retrospect 6.0.206.




Then tried re-installing Retrospect on one of the clients using the Repair Option and its not made any difference. ie the error reappears straight away. Have also tried re-installing Retrospect onto the backup computer, using the Repair Option, and once again it makes no difference, the error reappears almost straight away ie the Client reports an NT Application Error as above.




Am puzzled that its come after 2 yrs of working fine. Any thoughts on what I can do?









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I found in the Professional forum theres a post about client crashing too, which appears recent in last week. Similarity in timings seems odd... wonder if theres some date related bug or something in it like Y2K.




Have you found any solution as yet?





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