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Assertion failure at hfslvtree.cpp-281


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Help/Hello, I'm getting an error which crashes Retrospect 6.5.350 Multi Server.


"Assertion failure at hfslvtree.cpp-281"




It's sudden enough that the Retrospect Log doesn't show any entry for the running of this script. Retrospect is on a Win2003 server, backing up itself plus three Win2000 servers and one MacOSX server. My 'intuition' is that it's having trouble with one of the other server 'clients'. Open file backup. Sony DDS Library, SCSI. This configuration had been stable for over 6 months.




Any clues (or solutions!) on where to start troubleshooting? Have reinstalled Retrospect and the Clients. Am now manually backing up each machine to see if I can narrow that down.







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Lets try to narrow this down a bit. The error mentions hfs which leads me to believe it is crashing while backing up the mac (hfs formatted disks). Can you check the logs and confirm that is the case?


Is there any indication what Retrospect is doing when the failure occurs? Is it scanning the disk or actually copying files?




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There was nothing useful in the log. No evidence of any events for these machines in the script. No traces of the script even starting. However there is data on the tapes. I recataloged the tapes and the last contents updated were on the Mac Xserve. So you've got something there pointing to the Mac server. I'll chase down that lead now and report. Thanks!

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