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Backing up with a new DVD-RAM drive


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we have been backing up our computers using DVD-RAM for a while now. (With Retrospect 6.5. and a PC running Windows 2000.) Not too long ago, our DVD-RAM drive started to play up and now it does not read any of our DVD disks at all. (I have placed these RAM disks into another computer and they can be read without a problem.) I am looking at purchasing another DVD-RAM drive, but because the one that is broken is old, they have been discontinued. I can find some other DVD-RAM drives without a problem, but they are from a different company and are different models. (Our old, broken one is a Panasonic LF-D521 Multi Writer and the one I have found is an LG GSA-4160B DVD writer.)


My question is, if we do go ahead and purchase this DVD drive (which is a different model), will we still be able to restore from our old DVD-RAM disks?


Will we be able to continue writing to these old RAM disks or will we have to start a fresh new set of backups?



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