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All clients crashing. Much sadness.


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I restarted my backup server last night; came in this morning to find ALL clients on my network crashed.


Restarted clients, restarted server, but clients are now crashing during backup. What happened?!?


Clients are all WinXP SP2, last available Retrospect client for Windows, and Retrospect 6.0.206 Multiserver.


Thanks for any ideas!


(Crossposted from Professional forum)

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Any entries in the event log when the client crashes?


Are these clients completely hung, i.e., do not respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del, do not bring up the Task Manager?


Are these clients have screen saver password-protected?


Are you running AV set to real-time filesystem protection? I recall Symantec AV Corporate edition AutoProtect locking file transfer, effectively tying up the CPU. In later SAVCE, there're settings allowing you to control resources that real-time scan use.


Try to uncheck backing up NTFS permissions - I've seen SP2 machines locking up when something tried to access .SAM equivalent files or registry entries. I do not recall exact wording in the Retrospect preferences, I beleive it might be in the "hidden prefs" (Crtl-Alt-P-P, if I'm not mistaken). While in the hidden prefs control panel, you may also want to chenge debug logging level in networking and application logic.

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