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Retrospect Express HD Firewall problem.


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Just bought the Maxtor one touch II with Retrospect Express HD, But can't setup the software.

I'm running Windows XP pro w/SP2 . There is something in the Knowledge Base about this problem but doesn't give a fix. How do I fix the fire wall problem. I tried adding a port but that didn't work. Retrospect Express HD hangs at the Updating Status Screen.

Thanks for any help.

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If you still have trouble when the drive is unplugged Firewire should not make a difference.


Try deleting the Retrospect preferences directory and launching the application again:

c:\documents and settings\all users\application data (hidden)\Retrospectxxxx




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This is the exact problem i'm having. I have the firewall set to allow this program on all ports, however i do have the .net framework 2.0 beta installed.


I'm not about to uninstall it to see if i can make this software work though. All other attempts to make it work have failed. I'm about to uninstall it and use another software package at this rate.

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This is Maxtors Knowledge Base Answer.



Retropect Express HD appears to be trying to ping the System's Firewall.


Retrospect Express HD's UI (User Interface) uses Microsoft .NET remoting over TCP/IP channel for communication with the Retrospect engine. The engine listens for connections from the UI only on the local loopback address on port 2000.


If you wish, refer to your Firewall's documentation to configure access to the loopback address.

Additional Information:

Since the Engine does not listen to any IP addresses on the network, there will be no security risks.


So does this mean some program is blocking the loopback address? So if I ping the loopback address and get a round trip does that mean the loopback address is not being blocked?

It its not being blocked then what?

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