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Old catalog files being modified and backed up


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In addition to writing to the current .rbc file as needed, on one day of each month, it also modifies and then backs up and old .rbc file. I do not understand what could be changing in a file that is a year old that no one is using. Is retrospect using it for some reason?


The current backup set is [051] and yesterday something modified the catalogue file for set [028], so it got backed up. I do not want these 300+ MB files to get backed up unless it is needed. Does anyone know why the file might be changing and how to tell retrospect to not back up the old catalogue files? Heck, it would be nice to tell retrospect not to modifiy the old ones. But I can't find a way to do that without a lot of individual exclusion rules.


We are running Retrospect multiserver on a Win XP Pro Sp2 box.





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