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Retrospect Starts New Tape Before 1st Is Full

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I am using a Qualstar TLS-4212 AIT-4 Tape Library on a 1GHz G4 running MacOS 10.3.6. The library is attached to the G4 using an Attotech UL4S SCSI interface. One AIT-4 tape is supposed to be able to hold up to 520GB of data compressed. I understand that this is only under ideal conditions. However, my tapes are only averaging 225GB. At first I thought the drive was not performing hardware compression. However, I did a Nori Trace on the drive and sent it to Qualstar. Qualstar forwarded it to Sony. After analyzing the trace, Sony reported that what is happening is that the data is being compressed. However, the signal is being sent that the tape is full when it is only half full. Sony and Qualstar have been very helpful in investigating the problem. However, I wanted to post here just in case someone else has experienced a similar problem and it turned out to be software related instead of hardware related. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

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