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backup to subvolumes (folders) on hard drives


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I have a large number of dissimilar clients to backup: Macs, older PCs, newer PCs, servers. Each group requires its own selector, separate script and execution units, so they could all run in parallel at night.

I have five disks to use for my storage. That solves the separate execution unit problem. I want to have one saveset/group/week and keep a few weeks of backups. However, when I define subvolumes (week1, week2, etc.) on each of by storage disks, these subvolumes do not appear as possible storage destinations for my scripts.

How can I use disk media in the way I intend? Retrospect seems designed in an old-fashioned way, before disks became viable as the main storage media.

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Actually quite the contrary. Retrospect works really well with disks.


Are you using duplicate or backup? Defining subvolumes on the destination disks will only work if you are running "duplicate" operations.


To clarify:

Are all 5 of the disks plugged into the machine at the same time?

Or are you trying to make multiple sets on each of the disks?

Why are you trying to make subvolumes on the destination disks?


You can hold the data from multiple computers in a single backup set. It also keeps old files as long as you like. Will that not work for you?




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