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Multi-Drive Selector ?


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Here's what I know:

During an immediate backup, I'm allowed to Preview the list of files I'm backing up, modify the list (by changing the checkboxes), and then save that list as a Selector for future use.


Here's what I need to do:

My computer has two hard drives that I'd like to back up onto a third hard drive. When Previewing, I get a browser window for each drive that I have on my computer. I'd like to make selections on both drives and then save them to a single Selector. How do I do this? I've tried making two Selectors (one for each drive), then making a third Selector that includes the other two. But the backup never works...either ALL of the files on both drives are backed up, or only one of the drives gets its selected files backed up. The manual (and help) is particularly lacking in describing this process of saving Previews as Selectors.


Please help!



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This is a little tricky.

Try this:


Save the highlights selectors like you have already done. Then add them to a third selector. When you add them to the third selector also add a drive letter condition to each one


Drive letter is c:

And selector is (the first selector)


or Drive letter is d:

and selector is (the second selector)


Hopefully that will do it.




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