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One touch button trouble


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I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with my one touch button trouble.


Whenever I get a sign that says....


From Retrospect Express: Script "Maxtor Onetouch" Failed during automatic exectution, erro -1101 (file/directory not foudn). Please launch Retrrospect Express and check the log for details.


After checking the log it says.....


Rertrospect Express version 5.6.132

Launced at 12/3/2004 10:36 AM


Duplicate using Maxtor OneTouch at 12/3/2004 10:36 AM

>Can''t acces volume (Folder icon) backup copy of drive C © on Drive F (F;), error-

InstiIninWriteItem: WritePrivatePRofileString Failed, error 5

Quit at 12/3/2004 10:36 AM



WHat should I do to resolve this problem? Your help much appreciated.

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I have a Maxtor OneTouch USB2 external HD partitioned in a single partition. I run Retrospect Express 6.0.222 OEM. I found that relying on a single progressive backup was not the answer for me. Should my desktop be corrupt, I could be relying on a backup that was also corrupt. I have decided to create three separate backups, each in its own folder; I also create three separate duplicates, each in its own folder. I use the duplicates mainly for sharing files between my desktop and laptop.

I keep a log of each backup and each duplicate. After having created these backups and duplicates over a period of time, I will then do recycle backups and duplicates, using the same folders. This way, in case of a disaster, I have three sets of backups and duplicates I can fall back on.


Following is my procedure for creating the second backup and duplicate. The first backup and duplicate are in brackets.


Backup Procedure


Source: Drive C:

Destination: (DesktopBackup Set D) Create New: DesktopBackup Set E\ OK\OK

Backup: Scanning….

Select a disc to add as storage to DesktopBackup Set E: New Volume (G)\Proceed

Add New Member to DesktopBackup Set E: Advanced

Location for backup data folder: Browse

Click on folder icon

Please enter a name for the new folder: DesktopBackup Set E\Create


Backing up Drive C:


Duplicate Procedure


Source: Drive C:

Destination: (DesktopDuplicate Set D on New Volume G: replacing all contents)

Subvolume\Click on folder icon

Type: DesktopDuplicate Set E\Create\Define\OK

Really duplicate to DesktopDuplicate Set E on New Volume G: replacing all contents?\Replace\Duplicate

Really duplicate to DesktopDuplicate Set E on New Volume G: completely replacing it with the selected files?\OK

Scanning Drive C:

Duplicating Drive C:

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Wow! Nice instructions, dld. As a new user of a Maxtor One-Touch and the same build of Retrospect Express, I'm just learning how to do this right. Up to now I just have one progressive backup, updating with EasyScript weekly.


A question I have: How do you, or anyone for that matter, test your backup? I would imagine that it can only really be done by....attempting to restore your Hard Disk contents from the backup. Of course, if you find that it doesn't quite work, the real trouble begins!


Must be a safer way! A backup is just a theoretical safeguard until you use it. How do you test if your backup can be properly restored without risking your hard disk contents?




Jim McGowan

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You can use your backup a) more or less as a System Restore or B) as a Disaster Recovery.

I use it frequently as a system restore. If I'm not happy with the way my computer is working, or if I've installed something that is causing problems and which I can't uninstall properly, I just use my backup to bring my system back to what it was previously, something MS System Restore does but in a very selective way.

Using it as a Disaster Recovery is another matter. I was never able to create a bootable disaster recovery disk. Since I own a Dell, I get Dell to help me do a clean install of Windows XP HE c\w drivers, I install SP2 from disk, Maxtor and Retrospect. I can then access my backup from the external OneTouch and I'm in business. I've done that a number of times now.

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