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Norton Ghost broke my Retrospect Scripts


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On Win2003, I used Norton Ghost 2003 to do a disk to disk copy of my drive which has 3 partions that are NTFS, FAT32, and NTFS respectively. Everything seems to work fine except my Retrospect 6.0.206 which is installed in the first partion. When I run my Retrospect scripts they can no longer find the volumes I am trying to back up which are the c: and d: drives. If I select Configure | Volumes I see a ghosted C and D drive icons and C and D drive icons that are a solid color. How can I make my existing scripts work again without rewriting them from scratch?


For the record the Volume Id serial numbers are the same between the old and new disks.

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It sounds like you moved to a new physical hard disk or changed partition structure. Retrospect will remember the old disks and partitions.


To fix this go to configure-> volumes and remove the old disks, they will be lighter in color than your new disks. Then go to automate-> manage scripts and edit the sources of each script.




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