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Retrospect BUG w/ OS X Paths


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Here is the problem we are facing.


6.5.350 Server on XP

6.1.109 Client on OS X (10.2 and 10.3)


I want to include the Users directory in the backup however not necessarily caring about the HD names.


I put in /Users/ for the include path and no flies get backed up. Either when I add the client or add the HD of the client to the script as a source.


When I enter Macintosh HD:Users: it works.

When I select the Users folder as a subvolume it works however this is less than desirable.


Why do they claim in the instructions that you can use UNIX paths to include when it flatly doesn't work.




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This is not a bug.


When you use the "exactly matches" criteria with a path selector for Macs you must include the volume name. Keep in mind, Retrospect does not define what the OS considers to be a full path. The OS makes that distinction. I don't know the exact reasons why this is the case but I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye...


How about this using a Path "contains" condition and having it match case as well. You may end up with a few extra files here and there but you can use excludes as needed to get rid of them.




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