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RetroPro Launcher Service stuck "stopping"


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Just an FYI, sortof "resolved" (for now).


I happened to launch RetroPro 6.5.350/RDU 5.4.110 on a PC and discovered it hadn't run any (nightly) backups in the last five days. It started to run the backups and I let it do so to catch up. Once it was done (hours later), I quit the program and when I did so it told me that the Retrospect Launcher service wasn't running. When I checked the Retrospect Launcher service, I found it was stuck in a "Stopping" state (not running or stopped and never exiting the "Stopping" condition). Since I couldn't do anything (no active Start/Stop button from the Services panel) I ended up killing the retrorun.exe task via the Task Manager. Once I did so, I was able to reStart the Retrospect Launcher service from the Services panel.


I don't know how or why the Launcher service entered this stuck Stopping state. The XP SP1 PC hasn't been rebooted for weeks and is otherwise running normally.

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This is bizzare.


If the service were corrupt you would think it would just quit running. I can't see how it would actually try to stop itself. Any mention of the launcher service in the event logs?


I guess the standard procedures are a good place to start. Disable the service, restart the machine and then re-enable it.




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Bizzare's the word. I've never seen a service stuck in a "stopping" state.


No, nothing in an any of the Event logs.


As I said in my post, my intervention (kill task, start service) seems to have kick started things (even without the disable/restart/renable hokey pokey), and a day later I had to reboot the PC for something else anyway. So the service is running and Retro ran last night as expected.


So this was just an FYI (and to log something in the forum in case anybody else sees this).

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