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Exchange Plugin - Need Explanation


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Can anyone explain the Exchange 5.5 plug in? I have multi server running and need to begin incremental online backups of my two Exchange 5.5 servers. They are running on Win2K SP4 machines. I am particularly interested in the brick level individual mailbox function. Is it essentially ExMerge? I presume it is slow to run, and restores must be done through an Outlook client - i.e. a .pst file. Would you confirm? Thanks for your help!



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Its all very seamless. Backups and restores of exchange work very much like regular backups and restores. You can restore directly to an existing mailbox or create a new mailbox and restore there. You don't have to restore to PST files. Its not slow either.


The Retrospect 6.5 users guide has a good section on using the Exchange agent. It should answer most of your questions. Let us know if you have others.




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