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Auto-eject CD/DVD when prompt for next media?


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I checked in all preferences and can not find any option or check box for this:


- Need Retrospect to auto-eject the media (DVD+RW in my case) when it wants the next one

- When inserting the next media, the executing job sits there until I select the media and click proceed. Where is the preference to tell it "just proceed regardless"?


The problem is that when it's a scheduled job, there is no GUI to tell Retrospect to proceed. Therefore, job needs to be terminated and resubmitted manually.


Any clue?

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The media handling preferences will allow you to select "minimal erase confirmation" and "automatically reuse pre-named media".


Depending on the type of drive you have it may not auto eject like you want it to. My laptop (slimline drive) will not auto eject but my desktop machine (standard CD drive) does.




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Thanks Nate


I already had set these two preferences.


My system used to eject the discs when it wanted the next one. However, after I removed and re-installed Retrospect, it does not anymore. I used to be able to "eject" from the context menu in Windows explorer however that seems to be broken too right now and I was unaware.


The "automatically reuse pre-named media" never has worked however. Why?


Finally, I take it you mean there is no way of reusing wrongly-named media that is not blank without being prompted? I know that would be dangerous but, at a minimum, there should at least be a GUI for clicking "proceed" while it's in the middle of a scheduled job.


Thanks for your help


Note- I am running Single Server 6.5.350 with the latest driver.

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