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2 computer network - both running 6.5 on WindowsXP2, (3 computer license) to 80G external hard drive

This has been very frustrating trying to configure the startup - The result = many questions

1. quote from help menu "Follow the instructions of the Setup program to place the client software on the startup disk" What starup disk? - also I never did come across the opportunity to enter client password. what did I miss? and where?

2. installed software on client computer - when adding client to database, "live network" cannot find client computer, even with test address? (Explore can navigate client computer just fine)

3. To backup 2 computers how many Backup Sets do I need? I have 2 external hard drives that I exchange and take off site every week so each would be setup the same

4. how do you get rid of backup sets to clear the drive?

I realize these are pretty basic questions but never in my life have I had software I couldn't find information in. Thanks for any help.

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I wonder if the client is actually installed on those machines. You will absolutely positively be asked for a password when you run the client installer.




Does Retrospect client show up in add/remove programs?




If you use a firewall make sure to open port 497 for both TCP and UDP.




Since you have two drives you will rotate I would use two backup sets.




The best way to clear a backup set is to run a recycle backup. The recycle option is available in your backup options or your script options.




Hope that helps





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