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DVDs and Retrospect


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Using a Plextor PX-708UF DVD burner on an xp pro machine with TDK DVD+RWs


I have checked the box that says "don't allow scheduled and waiting processes to start"


If I put a blank unformatted DVD in my drive... Retrospect immediately starts a process to erase it.... and never finishes.


The only way I can stop the process is to turn off the DVD drive, use Task Manager to shut down Retrospect, and I have what appears to be a brand new unusable CD, because it is not formatted, not erased and will not be recognized by either XP or Retrospect.


Anyone else having this problem... or know a way around it... or a way to recover the DVD????


I am putting the DVD in to format it... but with retrospect closed... XP will not recognize it and does not give me a format option - but that is another issue. For now, I would just like to recover several DVDs that have no data and are not usable.



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So Retrospect is just sitting there idle with no backups pending or running in the activity monitor?


Have you tried cancelling all pending executions, going to the configure->devices window in Retrospect and running an erase? It will take a long time but it should at least finish.



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