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Error -106 when using a Disk Array as Backup device


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Using Retro 6.5 Multiserver 6.5.350, Backup server is HP Proliant 360G3, Xeon 3.06 Ghz DP CPU, 3 Gb Ram, Windows 2000 Server SP4, MSA30 Disk Rack with 10 SCSI Disks in a RAID5 array. Clientes are 6.5.136, mostly under Windows 2000 SP3 and SP4, some XPs, not a single XP SP2.


When backing up using Proactive Backup, I get error -106. The error code says it may be malfunctioning tape drive, but I don't know what does it mean for a disk array. Other backups (not proactive) run OK.


Backup Set has one member, reporting 900 Gb used and 47% free space.


Right now I'm running a Verify on 300Gb physical disk file. So far not a single error.


What could it be the poblem?



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