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Certance Library: Device Not Recognized


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We purchased a Certance CLL3200 tape library, connected to a new Adaptec 29160 SCSI card. The tape library is visible in the Windows Device Manager, the NetVault BakBone software which came with the hardware, and on the Hardware tab of Retrospect Multi-Server's Device window. However, on the Devices Status tab in Retrospect, we are simply getting a "No Backup Devices Found" message. Interestingly, whenever Retrospect scans for devices, the Removable Storage Service stops and changes for Automatic to Manual startup. Anyone have a clue what we might be missing?


Thanks in advance!



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First things first:

Disable the device in device manager and disable any netvault drivers that may be loading. Retrospect has its own drivers that may be conflicting with the other ones on your system.


Retrospect will automatically disable the removable storage manager. This is the correct behavior.


You need to have Retrospect 6.5 Single Server and Retrospect Driver update 4.4 or higher for Retrospect to see this drive. Make sure you get all the updates from the Dantz updates page.




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