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Buying Optical Drives: any suggestions?


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I need to implement several backup solutions. I've settled on Retrospect + Optical Drives (focused on DVD mostly).


I need to buy the first of the several drives, and I need some general advice (specific advice also welcome!)


1- Double layer or not?

Seems that I should buy double layer, so that I can do unattended backups with lower risk of running out of media. The slower speed of DL would not be a problem as long as the drive was fast on single layer for attended backups. Am I right? Does anybody have experience with how well Retrospect deals with dual layer media/drives?


2- USB?

Any disadvantages to using USB? Does USB 2.0 slow things down or cause other problems?


3- + - wars

Should I choose DVD+ or DVD- media for recording?


4- Bundling

Is Retrospect Pro ever bundled with drives, or only Express?


5- CD format?

Should I pay any attention to the CD specs of the drive? Are CD features of any use? (say for transferring files to other PC's without DVD drives??)


Thanks for any advice!




P.S.- I did try forum & knowledge based searches for 3 or so hours, and was swamped by detailed posts on narrow issues. If you don't want to write, but just send me a relevant link, I'll be grateful!

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The safest bet is to buy a drive with native Retrospect support and go from there. Media doesn't make all that much difference in my book. DL is great because it means less disc changes but the cost is still pretty high.


Normally bundles come with Retrospect Express.


Hope that helps


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Do you know of any disadvantages of getting a drive with a USB 2 connection?


I was wondering if there was a speed penalty (whether the data speed is fast enough, or perhaps whether protocol overhead slowed down the disc burning or Retrospect)

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