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HELP - Need to do a "device independent" Recovery


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I have a desktop PC with specifically configured software. I need to be able to backup the entire HD and rebuild it onto a laptop. I tried to do this by doing a complete disaster recovery, but Win2000 wouldn't start because it was trying to load the drivers for the desktop pc. Even though I tried to leave the desktop's drivers as generic as possible when I made the backup.


How can I do this with only restoring the installed software configurations and not the hardware configurations???


I'm guessing that most of this problem is probably related to the entire registry being restored... frown.gif

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Unfortunately this is a limitation of Windows. Retrospect does not provide a mechanism to do move a system to different hardware. I know Microsoft has some information about migrating your OS to new hardware but I'm not sure how that will work in a restore situation.


Hope that helps


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