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Panic! Disaster recovery not working


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For weeks I've faithfully backed up my system wiith Retrospect 6.5, but never needed to do a disater recovery... well now I do, and I can't make it work. frown.gif Here'w what happens...


1. Put in the boot recovery disk, boot and it installs the drivers.

2. It then says Setup is starting Windows.

3. After several seconds it list the drives it finds and asks where I want to install Windows. I tell it Drive C:

4. After several more seconds, it says "Setup can not access the CD containing the Windows XP Installation files, F3 to quit, enter to retry. Retrying does nothing and <F3> puts me back where I started.


Help! If I don't get this machine up soon I'm dead meat. frown.gif

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It sounds like:


A) The disaster recovery CD is scratched/dirty/damaged




B) The CD drive is failing.


You can use your Windows XP CD to install Windows as normal. Then install Retrospect and do the restore from there. Details are in the Retrospect users manual in the restore section.




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