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Clients locked during backup

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Hello Everyone,


I have Retrospect Multi-Server Value Package 6.5.350 with ~100 users backing up to multiple backup devices and backup sets. My setup looks something like this:


~100 Clients -> Backup Set on RAID array

---------------> Archive Set on AIT3 tape


The clients are backed up with a script to the RAID array every few days. I have another script that backs up the clients weekly to the archive set.


There are times when I need to run both scripts at once. When this happens script #2 will sit waiting for the first client. When I use the configure clients dialog to look at any of my clients it complains with an error -843 “Resource in use by another operation”. I need to configure this so I can have multiple executions running off of the same client list. I understand it not wanting to backup the same CLIENT to two different backups and once – but I don’t understand it wanting to lock out ALL of my clients.


How do I make this work?





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I suspect you have the clients container selected as the source of your backup? If thats the case it will be locked by the other operation.


Try this:

Create a source group in the configure->volumes screen. Then select all of the clients and drag them into the source group. Then use the source group as the source for your backup script.


This should free up the contents of the backup clients container even when another backup is running.




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