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Studying the directions for using retrospect software, confused


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operating system windows xp with a cdrw and a dvd and a external hardrive OE and IE

To make the bootable cd to be used in the event of an emergency if you have the original windows xp cd & registration , do you still have to find the location of the 1386 txtsetup.sif file to copy it on to a blank disk?

then after that I guess you have to first of all put your windows xp cd in the tray , then after the files are copied onto your hardrive in "my documents" folder is that right so far and then you put in the blank cd in the tray ? is that how you make a bootable cd ?


when you try to restore don't you always click on the "entire volume" option ? why would you ever have messed up files in the snapshot requiring you to find a the unmessed up files I don't understand that part how would you know if the files are messed up in the snapshot your using to restore and how would you know which files a ok when trying to find the files before they got messed up in a good snapshot . or is this the reason you had to restore in the first place because some files got messed up , so you need to find a snapshot before the crash occured requiring you to do the restore in the first place .. Guess I answered my own question ..

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To make a bootable CD run the disaster recovery setup wizard. Make sure to use the txinfo file from you install CD when you do this. When you are done you will have an image file on your disk. Use your CD burning software to burn the image to a bootable disc.


Yes - restore an old snapshot that you are sure is good. You will have to make a guess as to which snapshot is good or not.




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