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serious error assert failure elem.cpp -867


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We're seeing this error on our Retrospect server every other day or so.

The only items I find on the Dantz support site deal generally with Assert

Failures, but no info on what is causing it or how to prevent it, and I found

another item specifically on this error saying that it happens when restoring

files to a Windows system. However it is happening only during scheduled

backups in our case, so I'm baffled. I've seen some older postings on

the support forum that don't seem to have helped the poster (he only

suceeded in deleting his config files and losing all his client info) and a

later posting to which there has been no response.


We're running Server 6.5.350 which appears to be the latest build available

and we've updated the drivers to the latest version before the last failure.

We're running under Win XP SP2.


I'm planning on calling Dantz tech support after the holiday, but I thought

I'd try to put this out there where others can see it.


-- Lee

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What is Retrospect doing when the failure occurs? does it happen with all of your backup sources or just some of them?


Asserts can be caused by bad ram, memory management problems, corrupt Retrospect preferences and on very rare occasions flaws in the software.




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As far as I can tell, Retrospect is running scheduled backups when this happens.

It doesn't appear to be any one client or client type. It is a bit hard to say since

we've seen 2-3 backups interrupted (different executiion units) when the failure

took down the system.


The machine is a Dell PowerEdge 220 which has recently been upgraded to 1GB

in two pieces, so won't completely rule out the bad memory possibility. I will also

try to look into the memory management issues. Is there anything you can

suggest which will help eliminate or test corrupted Preferences? We had a

problem last week -- after posting the original note to the forum -- where

Retrospect suddenly between 5am and 8am decided to longer see any clients.

We spent some time playing with settings and preferences before figuring out

that it was Windows requiring us to add further firewall exceptions.


And what would provide a clue to a rare software problem?


Thanks for the help.

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To start, cut down the number of execution units (in the Retrospect preferences) to 1 and run backups as normal for a day or two. That will minimize the memory load. If that works then we know your prefs are likely OK. After that you can gradually increase the number of execution units. If Retrospect tends to fail with more execution units it may be a memory related problem.


Hope that helps.



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