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Disaster Recovery not working!


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I'm currently licensed for Retrospect 5.6 server edition, but i've installed the trial of Retrospect MultiServer 6.5 on another machine to check it out before upgrading. It did NOT work as i hoped.


1. I installed Retrospect on a WinXP SP2 with 2 partitions, and installed a couple of programs, placed some files on the desktop etc.


2. Made a full backup of both partitions to CD-R. Size of backup approx. 2GB on 3 CD-R's.


3. Then i formatted the system partition (NTFS Quick) and installed XP with SP1A from OEM CD. The backupset was gone due to the formatting (ofcourse). So i started recreate the backupset from the CD-R's. No problem at all.


4. Installed retrospect and followed the DR guide to restore the entire drive. It went well and i restarted the machine. Afte logging in and watching the window about restoring registry etc. it wanted me to reboot the machine.


So i did, and after the restart i could login and se my icons on the desktop. but the windows startmenu was gone, so was the system tray.


I could start a few programs, but if i start retrospect all menus and everything is just greyed out.


Note: the installation that was backed up was only a few days old, nothing fancy.


I've tried turning off the machine and restart, but it's the same thing.


What's wrong here? If retrospect can't restore a simple XP pro installation, how could i possible rely it to restore our 3 servers incl exchange 5.5 in case of a major crash??


This means that even if the backup goes well i can't be sure to restore it in case of a crash??? I can say that i will probably look elsewhere for another backupprogram if this is the case.


Thanks in advance


/ Martin

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I did a new DR today, with the same results. Before the DR i administrated the machine through Remote Desktop. I tried this afte the restore, but got no connection. Now i've noticed that there's no Local Area Network setup at all?? I thought a DR would put back the machine in a system state that's working.




BTW, startup of the machine takes like forever...





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Hi nate,


Looks like it failed because of SP2. I did a new fresh install without SP2, and the DR worked as it should.


Now im gonna try to backup a system with SP2, and the do a new install, apply SP2 and THEN do the DR.


I will let you know if it works or not.


Thank you!


/ Martin

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