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Anti-Virus scanning each file during backup


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I am using Retrospect Pro 6.5 on an XP Pro SP1 machine. Also, using Norton System Works Pro which has Norton AV.


During the backup process, NAV is kicking off and scanning all attachments to emails and who knows what else... had to stop it as it was taking forever.


I looked in NAV to find if there was some option that was kicking this off, but could not find anything.


Anyone else having this problem or know how to stop it??? Thoughts appreciated, answers treasured.



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You could turn off the "Auto Protect" function which would disable *all* real-time NAV scanning. I do this and rely on only scanning email and downloaded files (NAV automatically invoked at the end of download by the download program I'm using).



I've noticed that enabling NAV's AutoProtect seems to add at least 20-30% to backup/compare times.


Also, which you should be doing anyway, make sure that NAV's Office plug-in is disabled, but when not running a backup, make sure that NAV's AutoProtect is enabled.

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I always disable Anti-Virus, DCS ProcessGuard, DCS Wormguard and disable the preboot function in Raxco's FirstDefense-ISR(modifies MBR) prior to doing any backup/disk imaging. I have never had any problems with backups this way.


Granted you MUST be offline, and this could create some issues with backing up across networks/scheduling.



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