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Different Modify Date Error Message - can someone explain


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I am setting up a backup of a peer network. There are two computers connected to a third computer which is running the backups with retro 6.5 (latest patches) . Backups perform very well but whereas the backup from the main computer (win XP SP1) that has retrospect pro 6.5 installed on it report no errors, the other two computers (win98SE) always report these errors:

\Windows\System.dat: different modify date/time

\Windows\User.dat: different modify date/time


can anyone explain to me what is the reasoning for this or what they mean. Also would I be advised instead of running retrospect pro6.5 from one computer to backup the other two, would it be better to purchase two more licenses and install and run retrospect pro 6.5 from each of the computers and just send the backup to the external backup device (firewire hard drive connected to the third computer running windows XP) Thanks in advance.

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I would stick with 1 backup machine rather than install Retrospect on each machine. Much easier to manage.


Are you using Retrospect client to back up the windows 98 machines? It is a much better way to do things than windows file sharing.


The different modify time errors are meaningless. Ignore them.




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