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VXA-2 Firewire hangs with Retrospect 6 on Mac OS X Server 10.3.6

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The subject says it all. We've actually had problems with Retrospect ever since we moved to OS X Server, when we had to upgrade from the desktop version running on a Firewire-based LaCie rebranded Sony SDT-9000. We've had freezes with the SDT-9000 and the VXA-2, although the VXA-2 wasn't used until the 10.3.6 was applied. The VXA-2 has the latest firmware installed, and Retrospect has its latest driver updates.


What I'd like to know is what can be done to prevent these freezes once and for all? Will getting a third party firewire card really help? Is there anyone with a first-hand account of that fixing the problem?


Are there any other ways to fix this?




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