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Writes to my old backup set --trouble writing to new backup sets


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After having to replace a crashed internal harddrive I can't complete writing to new backup sets that I try to create. I use Retrospect Express to write backup sets to "file" ---- a Buslink USB external hard drive. Retrospect Express writes most of the new back up set, but fails to complete writing at the end. So it doesn't get to compare. Subsquent attempt to back up remaining files also fail for the same reason ----I get a 102 Error message --trouble writing to "backupset name". Error message 102 concerns SCSI devices terminators, cables and the like.




To correct the problem after checking connections I tried to defrag the USB hard drive thinking it was a mess ---it was --- but I still can't write to new backup sets. Should I be exploring the likes of terminators and cables given that things work ok with an old back up set?




Note: I can also restore from the old back up set.




Thanks for any ideas.

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Problem diagnosed by poster


I noticed that the backup sets that didn't complete all reached 3.99Gigs. Does this reflect a limitation of the Retrospect Express program --- or is it likely that this is a limitation of my 60 G external hard drive. At least temporarily I am doing two separate backup to overcome the 3.99G limitation

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