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dantz 6.5, powervault 122t problem.


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Hi all, I got some problem. hope you can help.

my server is 2003 install retrospect multiserver 6.5.350 driver 5.3.103. The tape backup is powervault 122T LTO-2 library.

The setting on tape is 2 week rotation. Each day I do recycle backup.

1-mon to 1-fri and 2-mon to 2-fri. When I start with the blank tape. The drive work fine.


The problem I have is now I am start to reuse the tape from the previous backup (2 week ago) I can see that dantz see all the tape name correctly when it scan. But when the time to do backup, dantz doesn't pickup a right tape for it.

for example, right now my tape has







yesterday ,Wed Nov 17, the drive suppose to get the tape from slot 3 but it load the tape from slot 1 instead. The result is backup is not done because dantz was waiting for the tape name 1-wednesday but the tape from slot1(1-monday) was load instead. I did see when the back up start, the drive go from tape 5, load , eject, then to tape 4, load,eject and so on. But dantz should start when it load slot3 and see 1-wednesday. right???



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A couple of suggestions:


1)Make sure you enable the "automatically reuse pre-named media" setting in the Retrospect preferences.


2)The names you used for the backup sets is confusing because Retrospect will automatically name tapes in the same way. Here is what I would use instead:

Create 10 backup sets named like this:


Monday Week A

Tuesday Week A ...


Monday Week B

Tuesday Week B ...


This will make it much more clear which set and tape is supposed to be used.


You can set up your backup with one script but keep in mind that you will need one shedule for each of these 10 backup sets. I get the feeling you have 5 shedules now when you really need 10...


Hope that helps


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