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Install difficulties - code on card does not match App's version


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I'm trying to install a retail package of Retrospect Express 5.6 (Windows) I bought a while ago and hadn't used yet.




The registration code on the card and under the CD in the jacket is XXXXXXXXXXX- and it's labeled "Retrospect Express 4.3 Mac INT" Naturally the Windows version 5.6 software complains "license code is for an earlier version" I popped the disk into my Mac and, indeed, it has ver 4.3 - not that this would run on my G5...




What do I need to do to get the program working? I realize this is not the current version, but having spent $50 I think I deserve to at least get it installed. I'm putting it on a machine with Windows 2000 I'm donating to a local non-profit organization. Again, this is the Dantz labeled retail version, not an OEM copy.




On the bottom of the outer product box (not the inner "booklet" jacket with CD and manual) are a couple of stickers - a small one that says MU35043/2479879 and a larger one the the UPC barcode and another barcode labeled XXXXXXXXXX. This last number fits the pattern described in the Knowledge base as an older reg code, but it doesn't work to get the program installed either.




I'm at wit's end right now. Any help would be appreciated.

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