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I am new to this forum, and somewhat new to Retrospect Express 4.3, purchased recently (believe it or not!) in a package. I use a Macintosh iBook G-3 800mhz with an internal DVD-ROM Toshiba SD-R2212 that Retrospect doesn't recognize. I scoured the website and searched the forum without success. Actually I downloaded a couple of items offered on the website, which were not clearly indicated, and didn't serve me. Does Retrospect allow/support 4.3 to continue to function with newer optical devices? If so, how can I get what I need to proceed with my backup?


Thank you,

Gregg Schmidt

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This device won't work with Retrospect 4.3. Dantz is no longer releasing driver updates for Retrospect 4.3.


Actually it looks like this drive is not even supported with Retrospect 6.0 yet...




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