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Multiple Snapshots for the Same Drive


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I have posted here several times over the past few years about multiple snapshots appearing under the "Snapshots" tab for the same drive. Normally the "Snapshots" tab will only contain one snapshot for each drive or volume in the system. I was told that could be because the volume (drive) name might have changed, which was not really the case.


Once again those extra snapshots appeared for the same drives on the "Snapshots" tab of the backup set I am using:

Programs_1 (C:) John 10/30/2004 01:52:16 PM

Programs_1 (C:) John 11/12/2004 07:01:31 AM *

Programs_2 (D:) John 10/30/2004 01:54:29 PM

Programs_2 (D:) John 11/12/2004 07:03:37 AM *

Storage_1 (E:) John 10/30/2004 01:54:39 PM

Storage_1 (E:) John 11/12/2004 07:03:48 AM *

Storage_2 (F:) John 10/30/2004 01:54:44 PM

Storage_2 (F:)&nbsp John 11/12/2004 07:03:53 AM *


* indicates the new snapshots.


This happened on all machines (at home and at work) on which I use Retrospect Backup versions ranging from 5.6 to 6.5. On all machines the extra snapshot is dated after the change to EST on October 31, 2004. I looked back at snapshots that I had earlier in the year and I could see again that extra snapshots were created after the change from EST back in April. This only seems to happen with the local drives.


Is this something that Dantz can confirm?

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I have had this happen after using PartitionMagic to resize partitions.


Retrospect Pro appears to use an invisible Volume ID to identify drives (a holdover from their Mac roots?) rather than drive letter or drive name.


Have you used Partition Magic on these drives recently?



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In a restore operation by default Retrospect will only display the most recent snapshot for each volume. It will also show any snapshots that you have chosen to retrieve from the backup set.


If a volume changed at one time in the past (i.e. partition magic, replacement hard drive etc.) Retrospect will recognize that old volume as unique and show its most recent snapshot. I suspect that is what is happening in your case.


You can always delete the snapshots you don't want to see. If you need them back you can retrieve them at any time.




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I have not used Partition Magic on any of these drives. I haven't done anything to any of these drives to cause any such changes.


The only thing I can place between the 2 snapshots for each drive is the date we changed to EST (Oct. 31, 2004). This seems to be true for each of the computers in my care. It also seems to be true on the computers that I could check for snapshots back in April 2004.


Could it be that Windows writes something to the drives when the daylight savings time changes?

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