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Duplicate to Client slow (Multiserver 6.0)


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I have two identical Windows 2003 Servers. I want to 'duplicate' one complete partition from Server 1 to Server 2. I installed Retrospect Multiserver 6.0 on Server 1 and Retrospect Client 6.0 on Server 2.


When the duplicate is running, it seems slow (60 MB/min). The task manager shows a utilisation of the network card of only 8%.


So I simply connected to the D$ share on Server 2 from Server 1 and copied a 250+ MB file. Feels pretty fast. Task manager shows a utilisation of about 72% of the network card.


Why is copying with the Explorer so much fast than using 'Duplicate' in Retrospect? Any idea about a misconfiguration?


Thanks for your help!

Florian Puerner,

Munich, Germany


PS: I added the client with the 'Default' interface and 'Multicast'

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