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Retrospect Includes Files I told it to Exclude the Selector


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My Backups have grown too large for a single DLT 40 tape. However, I want to exclude a folder used for temporary pictures which would let it fit on a single DLT 40 tape. Every selector I have tried to make to exclude the folder does absolutely nothing, Retrospect still wants to backup everything on the drive.


I want to exclude this folder:



I have used Windows(FAT/NTFS) Path D:\NEWSPAPER\SPRING_PHOTOS\* and other variations. But still Retrospect includes the folder and all the files in it.


Thanks for the help.

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I looked at my excludes, and here are some examples:


Windows path matches [note: no final \ or *]:



C:\Documents and Settings\*\Local Settings\Temp


Path does match pattern

"Folder" option selected

"Include enlosed folder" option selected

"Match" case option not selected

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It might sound silly, but once we had a similar problem. We changed the selector to our liking, but it didn't seem to have an effect on the backups. It turned out the scripts weren't using our selector. It used a default (Dantz provided) selector instead. It might be worth checking.


And why not use the client's Access setting instead? That works all the time.



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