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Delete "Restore Drive C.iso"?


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New user here.


I have just made my first progressive (incremental) backup (being made to Backup Set B). Retrospect included "Restore Drive C.iso" in the backup. What is "Restore Drive C.iso"? Is this the CD image which was created for "Prepare for Disaster Recovery" when I first created Backup Set B?


Should I have deleted "Restore Drive C.iso" after making the initial backup of Backup Set B (and before making the first progressive backup)? If so, I don't recall that Retrospect's instructions included that instruction.




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You are right. The iso file you mention is the image file created by the disaster recovery wizard. Its not a problem having this in your backups, it just takes up a bit of space.


If you delete the iso image and run another progressive backup it will not be included in the next snapshot. You could also just leave it as is with no problem.



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