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Catalog Out Of Sync


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Retrospect 6.5 with XPP on an ABit IS7 board. Tape drive is Certance/Seagate ST22000A (ATAPI). Backing up files from a SATA drive with RAID and a regular IDE drive.


I get the dreaded "Catalog Out Of Sync" errors. I can rebuild the catalog. Sometimes, though rarely, there are successful backups. Those happen following a catalog rebuild.


Here's some information about what I've tried:


o Backups to other disks work just fine.

o Apparently, there are some updates to the Drive's firmware that are

available and I will try those.

o The utility from Dantz (ATAP???.EXE) did nothing to help.

o Intel App Accelerator's existence on the computer has no effect.

o Happens with XP SP 1 and XP SP 2.


Any ideas?




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